Coatema Winder 07

Compact winders as platform-controlled solutions and compact turret winders for the most working widths.


Coatema offers the following winders and unwinders:

  • Roll winders as standard systems in industry with maximum diameters of 1,800 mm
  • Ascending batch winders: Surface winders (winding rollers have non-slip coatings)
  • Small swivel winders: Two small rolls on an axis; once one roll is full, the second roll, which is still empty, is swivelled into position
  • Swivel winders for large winding diameters and automatic splicing

All specified systems are offered with material accumulators (compensators) or trough stores and with splicing tables for the connection of the various substrate rolls. These units ensure the continual operation of the plant during roll changes if no swivel winder is used.


We distinguish between the following winding types:

  • Surface winding: Constant speed; the winding tension force is determined by the differential speed of the two rollers
  • Centre winding: Varying speed, changing diameter


  • Compact design
  • Large winding diameters possible
  • Precise tension control
  • Large speed ranges


Possible equipment options

  • Platform control
  • Automatic sleeve change
  • Integrated tension measuring rollers or compensating rollers
  • Custom-made machinery solutions possible


Application areas

  • Textiles
  • Batteries
  • Medicine
  • Printed electronics
  • Membranes


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