Custom construction and production

„From lab2fab“ means „from the laboratory through to fabrication“.
We design and produce the equipment our customers need.

Coatema designs and produces machinery for coating, printing and laminating in the laboratory, pilot production and production fields. For laboratory and pilot plants, Coatema has developed a platform strategy that aims to develop lab2fab systems based on high technical standards that can then be adjusted to precise needs through customer-specific modifications. The advantage of this when compared with one-off special machinery is that tried-and-tested standard components are used that are then still available as spare parts decades later and that further developments of technologies can be offered directly to existing customers.

This means that each machine is a special customer-specific solution but is based on existing technology platforms such as the Test Solution, Smartcoater or Click&CoatTM platform.
Each machine is a special design that arises from agreements and joint development with the customer.

From individual units to complete turnkey plants, we offer systems for continuous or intermittent operation for all formats from DIN A4 to working widths of 3,000 mm.

With our sister companies KROENERT and DRYTECH in the ATH Group, we are able to offer the fab2lab approach at all times. If you have established production technologies for standard markets and are looking for new markets for your company we can reproduce this strategic approach through our two R&D centres in Hamburg and Dormagen.


Laboratory machinery

Designed mainly for use in research and development, laboratory machines can be tools for perfecting products, processes, and procedures.

Their compact design allows them to be easily integrated into existing facilities. Coatema’s laboratory machines such as the TestSolution, Easycoater, Thin Film Coater, Smartcoater and Basecoater platform enable a wide range of technologies and working widths from A4 to 300 mm.


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Pilot machinery

Pilot plants are used to produce small series or for close-to-market production.

Most parameters can be adjusted during the process in order to achieve the desired series production results. Coatema builds pilot plants in working widths of 300 mm, 500 mm and 1,000 mm. The difference from our laboratory plants is the myriad procedures and combinations of procedures that can be used to deliver a complete product.


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Production machinery

Production plants are used if the desired finished product quantity requires a corresponding series production process.

Coatema specialises in supporting customers in the complete process from laboratory development to full production. Coatema focuses less on standard solutions in established markets and instead concentrates on innovative high yield solutions for growth markets.


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Custom machines

Coatema designs special machine tailored individually and specifically with your processes in mind.

This concept not only applies to the machinery construction solution but also to product and process development, prototype construction for the proof of concept and additional upstream and downstream processes that we can offer with our partners.


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