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Unlike in traditional medical applications, in the pharmaceuticals field, active pharmaceutical ingredients are inserted into medical products such as plasters/patches, dressings and surgical suture material or are applied to surfaces. We also add pharmaceutical ingredients to coating solutions which are then cast onto substrate films in order to be processed into oral/interlingual film strips after drying.

These extremely specialised applications have already been implemented by Coatema in numerous projects and can be supplied on laboratory, pilot or production plant scale. For the downstream converting steps, Coatema works closely with Optima Life Science. This means that complete turnkey plants for the entire process can be offered in this area.

The pharmaceutical products are described below.

In these products, the coating refines the substrate and provides added functions. In the case of wound dressings and transdermal systems, for example, the required active ingredients are applied to the substrates with high precision. Transdermal systems include nicotine patches, heat plasters and hormone patches.

The coating of yarns for surgical suture materials with active ingredients is one of the special applications where Coatema has already supplied products to customers several times.

Oral/interlingual film strips involve coating recipes that have active ingredients that pass directly into the bloodstream through the mouth. In some cases, this can replace the use of tablets.

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Scale-up process

At the Coatema R&D centre, test products can be produced in various formats and for different application areas. However, they cannot be produced in accordance with GMP or FDA standards. Nevertheless, in such cases Coatema works closely with specialists who can produce compliant products all around the world with Coatema plants.


Application areas

  • Transdermal systems, TDMS
  • Oral film strips, ODFs
  • Interlingual film strips
  • Surgical suture materials
  • Convenience products such as CBD


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