Coatema and innovation:
Coatema has been honoured numerous times with awards over the last 20 years for the development of new technologies, products and innovative corporate concepts.

We're pleased to be able to list awards from recent years here.


2021 Grosser Preis des Mittelstandes Jurystufe 1 2021   2021 Urkunde Mittelstandspreis 1Jurystufe    2021 OE A Competition Supersmart Best Publicly Fundet Project Demonstator    2018 Urkunde Groer Preis des Mittelstandes Jurystufe

2017 18 Urkunde Zenit Innovationspreis

2016 Forschung und Entwicklung en

2014 IHK Innovationspreis


Coatema Awards 01 Coatema Awards 02 Coatema Awards 03


2011 Award PEPhotovoltaics frei       2011 PE USA72dpi RGB small       2010 Jec Innovation Award       2005 Techtextil L

2004 Forschungs und Innovationspreis       2001 Forschungs und Innovationspreis       1997 Innovationspreis Techtextil  2005 Innovationspreis Techtextil


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