Virtual R&D centre

The virtual R&D centre has been a quick response from Coatema to Covid 19. Within shortest time a toolset of 4K cameras has been installed which are livestreaming in high resolution trials, process development and customer trainings to Team, Zoom or Slack meetings around the globe.

Digital lab reports, already a part of the daily R&D centre business and skilled operators in the R&D centre and the R&D projects team take over the activities our customers in a normal time would have performed in the R&D centre.

Everyone can stay home safe and the Coatema R&D centre is performing the job. Take a look on the short video of the virtual R&D centre. Beside virtual trials - virtual factory acceptance test (FAT) and virtual equipment inspections can also be easily performed for our Coatema customers. Both services will stay due to their success also after the Covid19 pandemic is over.



R&D centre

Research and development in the coating, printing and laminating fields:
Our R&D centre is the heart of all of Coatema's development activities. The combination of machinery construction, process engineering and research all under a single roof enables comprehensive solutions for customers for all coating, printing and laminating needs.

With a working floor area of 1,200 m2, we offer our customers and research partners the use of our plants for activities ranging from basic research to small series production. A team of application experts provides support for the tests and, if necessary, the research department helps with the detailed formulation of project and product development tasks.

With more than 20 coating systems on up to 12 different plant types, we can put practically any coating theory to the test in industrial conditions by achieving constant production parameters and checking the product quality across all development stages.



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