10 November 2020

Pressemitteilung 19th international Coating Symposium

Dormagen, Germany – November 9th, 2020

The 19th International Coating Symposium on November 4th was successfully held in virtual format in Coatema´s own tv studio this year. It was great to see that the premiere went so well.


There were interesting talks from speakers of different nations and industries with titles like „high speed inkjet printing – a system integration perspective” from NTS Eindhoven Netherland, Phd. Shahzad Khan, and Dr. Dimitrios Kourkoulos from Coatema with his  abstract of „nanocellulose as sustainable packaging substrates” as well as Ing. Milan Saalmink from Holst Centre / TNO Eindhoven Netherland with „wearable patches for vital sign monitoring” marked the beginning of the symposium.  A very motivated panel discussion between speakers and particpants and completely new designed product videos of the Coatema Easycoater and Smartcoater made the end of the first half.

In the afternoon, Fraunhofer FEP, Dr. John Fahlteich started with an abstract about the EU-funded initiative „FlexFunction2Sustain” project where Coatema is proud to be part of it.

Later Werner Volk from Optima packaging Germany gave an overview about the „fuel cell converting technologies” and Prof. Thomas Gries from RWTH Aachen showed up „integrated functions form the line – smart composites manufactured continuously” which was also very interesting to listen to.

A second panel discussion and the third product video of the Coatema Click&CoatTM system was shown as process part video number 3 before Prof. Argiris Laskarakis from Aristotele University of Thessaloniki gave an insight in solar cells and the „RealNano” EU funded project where Coatema is also part of it. His presentation „quality control systems for flexible solar cells” was inspiringly to see.

Last but not least, due to great demand Dr. Klaus-Peter Crone from Coatema explained once again „intermittent slot die” with numerous examples and the day was ending up with closing remarks where all speakers had the possibility to answer precisely questions from the participants about their individual presentations in a large question and answer session.

Since everything was working well also on a digital platform, Coatema decided to have more virtual content in 2021.

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