19 March 2020

Information Coronavirus

Dear Business Partner,

since the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19, we observe the situation every day very carefully.

In February, we have installed a Task Force Team to evaluate the current situation, to protect our employees, to reduce the impact for our customers and to implement preventive measures.

We try to keep our business going as far as possible, and ask for your understanding, if not all deliveries and services can be processed in the usual way. Travel, in particular is considerably restricted worldwide. Assignments by specialists from our company are reduced to a minimum.

We will have meetings and arrangements via telephone and videoconference where possible and where it makes sense.

The current situation is a major challenge for all of us. We will keep you informed in futher developments and ask for your understanding.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Andreas Giessmann
Managing Director

Detlev Dieke
Managing Director

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