20 July 2018

Visit by Minister of Economy of North-Rhine Westfalia Andreas Pinkwart at Coatema

+++++ PRESS RELEASE +++++

Visit by Minister of Economy of North-Rhine Westfalia Andreas Pinkwart

Dormagen, 20 Juli 2018 –   Global acting German Company Coatema has 48 employees and is very successful for over 40 years. The family owned business in second generation has experience in coating, laminating and printing with its core business in custom made machinery and machinery from Lab to Fab. New Technologies and cooperations with other middle-class companies have made Coatema to one of the market leaders world wide.

The focus is on high tech markets, world class full-service and a versatile R&D centre for coating, printing and laminating. This enables Coatema to offer complete Lab to Fab technologies.

In March 2018, Coatema has been honored by the Network Future through Innovation. As a finalist in cooperation with the Fraunhofer ISC. The project honored is about a cost efficient electrochromic film for smart windows.

 Minister Pinkwart was very impressed of the innovation made by Coatema.


During his summer journey through North-Rhine-Westfalia visiting companies, he decided to visit also Coatema and to get to know more about this innovative company. The company gave him an overwiev about their strategy in innovation and current status of R&D projects. A tour through the Coatema´s R&D Center was guided by the Coatema management team. Pinkwart said: „Innovation through cooperation is the competence of Coatema. I was excited about the latest idea of an „open Fab“. This is a platform where different cross-sectional technologies get together and interchange. It shall be used by all middle-class companies and would improve business conditions in general in the state of North-Rhine-Westfalia.”