18. März 2016

New technical center introduced at Coatema symposium 2016

Dormagen, GERMANY – March 18th, 2016 – Coatema Coating Machinery Company has introduced their new and remodeled technical center, opening now its latest and technologically upgraded coating and laminating machines for customer trials, hands-on process development and small series production.

Over 80 participants from more than 12 different countries visited and contributed to this year’s symposium of Coatema Coating Machinery Company, held on March 16-17, 2016. The range of introduced coating machines reached from lab scale to fab scale, including a full production line and more compact test solutions for R&D centers.

Three coating and printing series have been presented: 1) A full production line, equipped with automated turret winder, 2) the mid-scale flexible Click-and-Coat unit, including a register control camera and spatially-resolved inline thin film thickness metrology, and 3) the lab-scale Smartcoater, demonstrating onsite a live coating of silver ink for electronic printing applications, including an ultra-fast UV cross-linking dryer and an inline flashlight sintering system.

The symposium conference was focused this year on the discussion of latest advancements in roll-to-roll coating processes and on the expectable gain in coating quality and efficiency by integration of reliable inline metrology. More than 12 speakers and experts contributed with talks on their latest scientific work and experiences, among them experts from Fraunhofer IWS, Heraeus, Henkel and FRT.

Since 2000, the Coatema symposium is a popular annual event mostly frequented by experts and decision makers from science and industry. It is appreciated by attendees for its well established role in facilitating exchange of knowledge and development of new business ideas. The symposium is accompanied by technical live demos and traditionally hosted by Coatema Coating Machinery in Dormagen.

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