Finished Projects




In the Innoshade project “Innovative Switchable Shading Appliances based on Nanomaterials and Hybrid Electrochromic device configurations” were investigated and produced. The project is the forerunner for Eelicon.





The aim of Flexlas was the development of a high speed laser process for the production of full integrated flexible solar cells. For the project optics, processes development, structuring and production of a demonstrator were part of the device. Photonflex is a follow up project on Flexlas





Within the Fabrigen project the aim was to develop fabric Structures for Solar power generation. The qualification of principle and prototype demonstration were tasks in this project.





The aim of the Diginova Project (Innovation for Digital Fabrication) was the analysis of existing digital production methods and creation of a roadmap. This roadmap further shows the path of digital fabrication.





The task in ProLiBat was the developement of a full production structure for Lithiumionbatteries.





In the REGAC project, the task was to develop and improve a high precision registration for R2R processed printed electronics. Next to the improvements of the camera system improvements in the true running accuracy of the rollers also lead to an improved accuracy for the overall deposition.



09/2012 - 08/2016

ml2 logo final w5k

ML2 - MuliLayer MicroLab

In this project, lab-on-chip systems are being developed that combine microfluidic, optical and electrical functions.




01/2013 - 12/2016

smartonics logo


Development of intelligent machines and processes for the production of organic electronics for precise synthesis of nanomaterials with tailored properties



01/2014 - 06/2017


EELICON - Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Comfort by Smart Light Transmittance Control

EELICON is concerned with an innovative switchable light transmittance technology developed previously in projects co-funded by the EU Framework Programmes. The core of this development are mechanically flexible and light-weight electrochromic (EC) film devices based on a conductive polymer nanocomposite technology with a unique property profile far beyond the current state-of-the art, opening the possibility to retrofit existing windows with a electrically dimmable plastic film.

According to life cycle assessment studies, considerable energy savings may result when such films are included in appliance doors, aircraft cabin windows, and automotive sunroofs, and the comfort is significantly enhanced. The development has been driven to the pilot-line production stage, however, the decisive step from research to innovation could not yet be accomplished for a number of technical and economic reasons. To overcome this gap, EELICON will tackle existing drawbacks by removing equipment limitations, automating processes, and establishing a high-throughput prototype production for a cost-effective high performance EC film technology in Europe.



03/2015 – 08/2017

Inline evaluation of transparent film coatings by fluorescence detection

The aim of the project is to develop a new, inline-capable detection method for quality assurance of functional coatings on films or shaped bodies. The basis for the detection is the fluorescence of organic dyes, which are added in small amounts in the coating solutions.