From Lab to Fab

More Accessories

Meeting the most demanding requirements

In addition to individual coating units and complete production lines Coatema offers the specialized accessories and custom components needed for the most demanding applications.

From paste preparation to air purification systems, hoists and storage components, Coatema can deliver the entire production package.

Excellent customer support and technical implementation make an us single source solution provider.

If you have questions, we look forward to receiving your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone call: +49 (0) 21 33 to 97 84 -0

A Air cooling sections
Air ducts 
B Batching motions
Battery coating plants
Belt laminating
Bilaminate production plants
C Calenders
Case Knife System
Cast iron rollers
Center winders
Coating accessories
Coating aggregates
Coating heads
Coating machines
Coating mixers
Coating plants
Coating plants for the production of flexible circuit boards
Combined dryer
Commabar system
Complete coating factories
Complete coating lines
Contact dryers
Convection dryers
Conveyor belt in the dryer
Cooling rollers, double walled
Cooling rollers, single walled
Cooling stations
Cooling zones
Corona pre-treatment
Cutting lines
D Delamination rollers
Die coating units
Doctor blades with various designs
Double coating units
Drive Systems
Drum unloaders
E EEx-proof coating plants and dryers
Edge cutting devices
Edge guidances
Edge guiding frames
Edge sealing
Electronic coaters
Embossing calenders
Embossing plants
Engineered materials coaters
Exhaust air humidity system
Exhaust hood
F Five roller application system
Flame impingement
Flocking plants
Flocking units
Flotation dryer
Foam aggregates
Foam coating plants
Folding Frame
G Glass Coating Plants
Glass transport systems
Guide rollers 
H Heat exchangers
Heating rollers, double walled
Heating rollers, single walled
High temperature dryers
Hotmelt application systems
Hotmelt extruder machines
Hotmelt extruders
Hotmelt plants
Hydrogen fuel cell membrane coaters 
I Impregnation units
Inert gas dryers
Infrared field (IR,NIR)
Inspection machines
IR dryers 
J Jet dryers
Joining tables  
K Kiss Coating
Knife application systems
Knife coating aggregates
Knife coating machines
Knife coating plants 

Lab coating plants
Lab coating units
Lab dissolvers
Lab equipment
Lacquering units
Laminating plants
Laminating stations
Lifting devices

M Magnetic rollers
Maier bar coating systems
Material logistics systems
Medical dissolvers
MEA production plants
Multifunctional coating systems
Multifunctional plants
N Nanocoating plants
Non-woven coating plants
O OCS Systems
Oil boilers
OLED coating plants
Optical error detection
P Paper re-rolling and inspection machines
Paste containers
Paste preparation machines
Paste pumps
Paste supplies
Pilot coating plants
Plasma coating aggregates
Platform guidings
Powder coating plants
Powder scattering plants
Pre-heating drum
Pre-melting systems for hotmelt coatings
Printing machines
Production plants
PU soluters
Pulling devices
Pulling devices with dancing roller
Pulling rollers
Q QM systems
R Raster roller
Raster roller application system
Re-rolling machines
Reverse roll coater
Rewinding devices
Roll-to-roll coating
Roller coating aggregates
Roller racks
Rotation Screen Printing units
Rotation coating plants
S Scales
Sewing-welding machines
Sewing machines
Sheet coating plants
Sintering units
Sinus wall mixers
Smooting Calenders
Special constructions
Spreading roller
Steering units
Stripe coaters
Supporting rollers
Surface winders
T Tension shafts
Tenter frame, horizontal chain
Tenter frame, vertical chain
Tenter frame with clip chain
Tenter frame with combi pin
Tenter frame with double chain
Tenter frame with pin chain
Thickness gauge - measuring whole area
Thickness gauge - movable
Thickness gauge - mechanical
Three roller application systems
Three roller mills
Trilaminate laminating plants
Turning winders
Two roller application systems
U Universal coating plants
UV-pretreatment systems
V Vaccum filters
Vacuum coating plants
Vacuum dissolvers
Vertical coating plants
W Water cooling machines
Water tempering units
Weft and knitted course controls
Winding-off / winding-on units
Winding station, braked
Winding station, motoric
Winding station as big batchers
Winding station in rack
Winding station with platform steering
Winding systems