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Calender - Solution for all compression and lamination requirements

Coatema's calender program includes both small and large production systems as well as laboratory and pilot scale calenders. Our calenders are available in working widths from 100 mm to 2,000 mm and line pressures of 6 tons (pneumatic) up to 80 tons (hydraulic).

Coatema Calender EA35 02 They can be integrated into existing systems or are available as complete calender line with winding, unwinding and web cleaning systems.

Coatema calenders are characterized by high surface quality, both in terms of smoothness and concentricity. The rollers can be equipped with a rubberized surface, chrome or specialized finishes. The gap adjustment can be motorized or manually in μ-accuracy. Coatema's calenders are characterized by deflection avoidance, even at high pressures, and by an extremely accurate gap setting.

The rolls can be heated either electrically or with hot oil. The chrome-plated rollers can be heated to 230 ° C and the rubberized rollers at 130 ° C. The temperature accuracy of the rolls is +/- 1 ° C.

Applications range from the calendering of batteries and fuel cell components to textile and prepreg applications.

In high-tech areas such as printed and organic electronics Coatema offers customized versions of calenders, which are used for embossing nanostructured surfaces, hot embossing or imprinting nano process.

Vision systems can be used to control surface and thickness specifications.

Calenders are offered for your existing system or as part of a complete plant design.






What is calendaring?

Calendering is a process of smoothing and compressing materials, such as paper, plastic, textiles, composite structures, etc. during production by passing a single continuous sheet through a number of pairs of heated rolls. The rolls in combination are called calenders. Calender rolls are constructed of steel with a hardened surface, or steel covered with fiber. In paper production, they typically exert a pressure of 500 pounds per linear inch (89 kilograms per centimeter). Some coated materials are calendered to provide a smooth or glossy finish.

Calendering is widely used in the manufacture of textile fabrics, coated fabrics, and plastic sheeting to provide the desired surface finish and texture and thickness.