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Coating on medium scale

Roll-to-Roll plant close to production scale

The Linecoater is a robust pilot coater that makes it possible to run roll-to-roll coating processes on a near manufacturing scale. The standard 3,000 mm drying module can be expanded to any length and the interchangeable coating system can accommodate multiple input possibilities for different substrates.

With the addition of dryer modules the Linecoater pilot plant and can become full production plant. Integrated process control as well as integrated thermal oil heaters makes the system an efficient platform.

Coatema has developed many innovative applications for leading edge technologies in the last few years and the Linecoater is a unique pilot production platform on which to mount them.

Working width: 500 to 1,000 mm
Range of application e.g.: textile, foil and paper


Coatema Linecoater10 frei


Coatema Linecoater Zeichnung


  • Pilot/production solution with a working width of 500 mm - 1,000 mm
  • R2R
  • Over 38 modular application systems
  • Any dryer length available
  • Thermal oil heating 2-zone-dryer per 3,000 mm section
  • EEx layout available
  • Efficient production on a working width of 500 mm
  • Choice of dryers
  • Custom coating machinery solutions available
  • S7 process control
  • Control box and oil appliance integrated (500 mm) or seperate (1,000 mm)

Product features

Application systems

  • Knife 
  • Double Side 
  • Commabar
  • Case Knife
  • Engraved Roller
  • 2 Roller
  • 3 Roller Combi
  • Micro Roller
  • 5 Roller
  • Reverse Roller
  • Rotary Screen
  • Dipping
  • Slot Die
  • Curtain Coating
  • Hotmelt Slot Die
  • Powder Scattering



  • Thermal oil heated Coatema jet dryer
  • Flotation dryer
  • IR dryer
  • NIR dryer
  • UV systems


Additional options

  • Dry/wet laminating
  • Tenter frame available
  • Calender up to 20 t
  • Cutting units for longitudinal and cross section
  • OM systems e.g. thickness gauge or vision systems are available
  • EEx layout possible
  • Embossing unit
  • One-line, two-line or three-line solutions as pilot coater concept
  • Pre-treatment e.g. Corona

Further information