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Many processes in one plant

Many processes in one plant without conversion

The Deskcoater was Coatema's first pilot coater 10 years ago and is still a work horse plant. The Deskcoater has a working width of 500 mm that includes processes like coating, laminating and calendaring in a small foot print.

Due to the revolutionary deflection roller in the 3,000 mm dryer the Deskcoater fits easily in smaller labs. The deflection roller in the dryer also allows the operator to see the coating process at the front of the plant and check the finished result of coating at the same time because of the rewinder is also at the front of the coater.

So just one operator can run the entire coating machine.


Coatema Deskcoater15 frei


Coatema Deskcoater Zeichnung


  • Consolidated construction
  • R2R
  • Over 38 modular application technologies
  • Almost all product processes exist on a very small foot print
  • Thermal oil heated two-zone-dryer
  • Integrated tenter frame
  • EEx layout available
  • Efficient production on a working width of 500 mm
  • One-person-operation
  • The operator checks the coating and the coated product at the same time
  • S7 process control
  • Control box and oil appliance integrated

Product features

Application systems

  • Knife
  • Double Side
  • Commabar
  • Case Knife
  • Engraved Roller
  • 2 Roller
  • 3 Roller Combi
  • Micro Roller
  • 5 Roller
  • Reverse Roller
  • Rotary Screen
  • Dipping
  • Slot Die
  • Curtain Coating
  • Hotmelt Slot Die
  • Powder Scattering


  • Thermal oil heated Coatema jet dryer
  • UV systems
  • IR dryer
  • NIR dryer
  • Two temperature zones

Additional options

  • Calender up to 20 t
  • Cutting units for longitudinal and cross section
  • OM systems e.g. thickness gauge or vision systems are available
  • EEx layout possible
  • Embossing unit
  • Pre-treatment e.g. Corona

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