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Click & Coat

Maximum flexibility

The revolutionary system for dynamic process flexibility

The Click&Coat is not a traditional pilot coater design. The revolutionary Click&Coat™ concept is far ahead of ordinary pilot coaters. Instead of single fixed plant you have a wide range of component options that can be added or replaced by "clicking" them in place as your needs change.

With this most modular coating systems approach, exclusively from Coatema, components can be configured to achieve your immediate goals and also have an almost infinite variety of process alternatives and expansion. The control technique and the flexible cabling were specially designed for Click&Coat™.

The innovative Coatema Click&Coat™ pilot coater can be assembled from a selection of over 25 modules that can be combined in a variety of configurations to deliver a pilot line to meet the most demanding performance requirements.


Coatema ClickCoat


Coatema ClickCoat Zeichnung