From Lab to Fab

Pilot machinery

Grafik Produkte Pilotanlagen

Pilot plants are used for the production of small runs. It is possible to set most of the parameters that would be used in full production. Full production can be simulated on a reduced scale on these larger laboratory machines. Our pilot plants have the same standard layout as the laboratory plants only with a wider range of working widths: from 300 mm up to 1,200 mm. The modular and flexible layouts provide the highest precision and custom made plants can be offered as well.

We set new standards in the pilot plants design with our patented systems like Click&Coat.TM/p>

With our Lab-to-Fab concept scale up is simplified so that our pilot equipment can be used for the development of products in new technologies markets.

Increasingly important are the integrated quality systems like thickness measurement, surface control, spectroscopy and frames.


Our pilot equipment


Basecoater / Basecoater 3G

For continuous coating of small quantities



Maximum flexibility



Many processes in one plant



Coating on a medium scale



For simultaneous double-sided coating