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Thin Film Coater/Printer

High precision laboratory tool for sheet-to-sheet operations

The Thin Film Coater/Printer can coat and print in one step.

The unit is designed to combine highly accurate applications of sub-micrometer layers. The compact, robust, coater moves the substrate back and forth beneath the application systems mimicking the parameters and characteristics of a continuous roll-to-roll coating process. The standard application system can combine: gravure printing; screen printing; flexographic printing and slot die. Additional systems are available on request. Alignment works with servo drives to allow precision sub-micrometers accuracy. Registration control can be embedded if needed.

Coatema ThinFilmCoater frei2Coatema TFC 3appl Zeichnung



  • High precision application of functional layers and structures
  • Combination of coating and printing in one plant
  • Perfect for production of single pieces in the sector of display, OLED and sensors
  • Cleanroom-compatible, EEx Layout or complete encapsulation
  • S7 controlled, reproduceable processes
  • Motorized gap adjustment for all systems
  • High precision granite or vacuum table with precise drive

Product features

Application systems

  • Slot Die
  • Engraved Roller
  • Flexo Roller
  • Screen system



  • Inkjet
  • Register camera
  • Hot Air dryer
  • UV
  • Photonic Curing
  • Variety frame sizes or substrate sizes
  • With or without encapsulation
  • EEx Layout
  • High precision granite table
  • Vacuum table or aluminium table (heatable)
  • Substrate holder for Polymer films
  • Substrate holder for glass

Fields of application

  • OLED
  • Display
  • Sensors
  • OTFT

Further information

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