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Smallest Coaters and Printers - Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll

This compact and budget orientated product platform offers coating, printing and laminating on a small scale for sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll applications. A choice of coating methods can be used including Slot Die, Doctor Blade and Commabar. Printing modules, like flexo and engraved roller, are also available. All coating and printing systems are available for the Test Solution R2R and S2S systems.

Coatema TestSolution SlotDieCoatema TSC Zeichnung

Coatema TestSolution R2RCoatema TS R2R Zeichnung


  • Compact construction
  • Budget price
  • Low waste of substrates and chemistry
  • Sheet-to-Sheet or Roll-to-Roll
  • Siemens control integrated
  • Versatile options
  • Short delivery time
  • Can be tested in our R&D Centre

Product features

Test Solution Printer & Test Solution Coater

Application sysmtes

  • Coating Blades (1mm, 6mm, 10mm)
  • Commabar
  • Mayerbar
  • Slot Die 
  • Flexo Printing
  • Gravure Printing



  • Micrometer gauges
  • Complete set of Mayerbar variations



Test Solution Roll-to-Roll

Application systems

  • Coating Blades (1mm, 6mm, 10mm)
  • Commabar
  • Mayerbar
  • Slot Die



  • Hot Air



  • Micrometer gauges
  • Complete set of Mayerbar variations

Fields of application

  • OLED
  • OPV
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Battery
  • Fuel Cells
  • Silicon coating

Further information

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