From Lab to Fab

Laboratory plants

Grafik-Products Lab

Laboratory plants are used for research and micro production and are indispensable tools for product and process development.

Usually these are small plants have a working widths up to 300 mm.

Laboratory machinery can be sheet-to-sheet, like the Easycoater, or roll-to-roll equipment, like the Smartcoater. The trend in laboratory coaters is toward custom designed equipment and we have very flexible layouts in a wide range of configurations. 

We construct every plant to the highest standards and the maximum scalability to keep our promise of quality and flexibility "From Lab to Fab".  

Information about our coating and printing systems


Our Laboratory plants


Test Solution

R&D for everyone: Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll 


Thin Film Coater

High Tech Sheet-to-Sheet Coating and Printing 



For single piece coating    



5-in-1 Roll-to-Roll Coating and Printing