From Lab to Fab


Coatema offers the following options:

Winder Systems

  • Surface winder: rollers are equipped with high-traction surfaces.
  • Turret Winder: two shafts with cores so that after the filling of a fabric roll the second empty shaft and core is pivoted at its place


BL2200 004 L ausschnitt   14 0476   BL2000 268 L frei


We distinguish the following types of winding:

  • Surface winding: Constant speed and tension force of winding on is determined by the differential speed of the two rollers
  • Center winding: Speed varies depending on diameter changes


For each coating or printing application the right solution

Coatema offers more than 40 different application systems. The most standard system you see here in a schematic representation.

No matter what the coating task and system design we have the right application modules for continuous roll-to-roll or sheet-to-sheet processing of films, textiles, paper, non-woven, etc.

Coatema offers a variety of application systems that can be used for various requirements in the coating, printing and lamination industry. In addition, we conduct research and develop continuously for the improvement and development of application systems.



Squeegee roller on 10-1250 g / m2
Air knife 5-60 g / m2

Paste (1000) 100 – 50,000 mPas
Foam from 10,000 to 25,000 mPas
Air knife 5-10000 mPas