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Dryer & Crosslinking systems

Optimal drying ensures the quality of the finished product

Growing demands on ultra-high quality coatings and innovative substrates and coating raw materials needs exactly defined temperatures and residence times for the optimum drying and fixation. Conventional dryer designs often do not meet these requirements. Coatema has developed innovative designs for precise temperature and air flow control. The dryer must be precisely tuned for consistently reproducible results on each coating system.

The patented Coatema air nozzle system can be a critical advantage for many hot air dry applications. It provides in COATEMA MODULDRY (see Fig., Right) for a uniform and controlled air flow and temperature control over the entire width and length, and at critical points in the drying channel. MODULDRY is also built in Eex (explosion proof) layout. The Coatema's Moduldry can be heated with thermal oil, electricity or gas.

BL2200 002 L frei

We offer the following dryer:

  • Convection
  • Infrared
  • UV systems
  • NIR systems
  • thermal oil heated systems
  • flotation dryer
  • Multi-zone dryer


Hot air drying examples

Coatema Grafik Heissluft



IR drying examples

Coatema Grafik IR-Trocknung