Applications diversity

For 40 year our business strategy and value proposition has been focused on innovations for growing markets with new coating technologies requirements.

Innovators from many diverse industries have recognized the value of our strategy and embraced our value proposition in their primary markets including solar cells, fuel cells, nano technologies, medical, composites and many more.

This trend will continue because we are focused on the Lab-to-Fab scale-up concepts of processes and the integration of new technologies like laser, nanoimprinting and inkjet into our lab, pilot and production solutions.

Innovators from all market segments with new ideas are welcome to test and advance their processes and products with the help of our R&D center.

Overview of our most important growing markets:

Kachel Renewables Kacheln PrintedElectronics Kachel Glass Kachel Medicine 
Kachel Membranes Kachel Paper-Foil Kachel Prepreg Kachel Textile