Innovative equipment concepts for the processing of composite products with duroplastic and thermoplastic adhesives

Today the use of coated products for prepregs and composites is growing rapidly. This increasing demand has resulted in the development of new and highly innovative impregnation and coating machinery concepts for prepregs and composites by Coatema.

The unique design of efficient coating technologies and the effective treatment of the fiber materials for prepreg products present a number of mechanical engineering challenges and demonstrate the innovative product design and engineering experience of Coatema.


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Prepregs are temperature activated intermediate products with tailor made properties. Application advantages for the use of prepregs are superior stiffness, high tensile strength, low density, corrosion resistance, high vibration resistance, low heat elongation, low weight, extraordinary fatigue resistance, easy installation and low maintenance costs.


Presentation about Coateam Prepreg Equipment


Scale-up Prozess

Coatema Prepreg

Coatema offers for basic research with lab coaters and for pilot plant to full manufacturing plant for the production of semi-finished products for fiber-reinforced composites. Coatema is able to process a wide range of output products with their coating systems. Mainly these are based on carbon, glass, Kevlar® and synthetic fibers.

The substrates to be processed are found in a wide variety of presentations such as roving fabric, uni-, bi- and multidirectional fiber constructions as well as products that have multiple orientations, according to the required strength in the final alignment.

Coatema prepreg treatment products and equipment are available in working widths from A4 up to 1,500 mm in the R2R area.


Specifications for thermoset materials

Bandwidth of the amount of coating (both sides)
10 - 300 g/m2

100 - 50,000 mPas

40 - 250 °C, standard: 60 - 120°C

Speed (for various processes)
Ø 50 - 80 m/min for film coating
Ø 5 - 15 m/min for coating and laminating
Ø 5 - 25 m/min for impregnation

Application systems
Knife, heated rollers, Foulard


Coatema Knife-System Coatema Heated-Roller-system Coatema Dipping-System
Knife Heated Roller Dipping / Foulard



Specifications for thermoplastic materials

Bandwidth of the amount of coating (both sides)
10 - 300 g/m2

100 - 200,000 mPas (depending on coating or extrusion technology)

80 - 400 °C

Speed (for various processes)
Ø 10 - 100 m/min ffor film coating
Ø 0,1 - 10 m/min for impregnation

Application systems
Powder Scattering, Heated Roller, Hotmelt/Extruder


Coatema Powder-Scattering-System Coatema Heated-Roller-system Coatema Hot-Melt-system v2
Powder scatterer Heated Roller Hotmelt / Extruder

Areas of application

  • Lightweight automobile
  • Aircraft-leightweight
  • Sports equipment

Examples of application

Prepreg production plant for thermoplastic processes

Coatema Prepreg-Line 03 TS



Prepreg production plant for thermosetting processes

Coatema Prepreg-Line 02 TP



Prepreg production plant for thermoplastic and thermosetting processes

Coatema Prepreg-Line 01 TSTP