Functionalization of surfaces

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For medical coating markets the functionalization of surfaces is an extremely important criterion. Most products are formed by coating with functional chemicals. The individual products can be categorized in the area described in the following section.


Hygienic products

Here you will find mostly low-cost products produced in mass quantities where a rapid uptake and storage of liquids while maintaining breathability is important.


Functional textiles

This product category is often used in medical facilities for protective clothing and hygienic supplies. The required functions here might be for alcohol or water-repellence and super-absorbance chrematistics.


Medical Applications

In these products the carrier is improved and functionally delivered by the coating. In wound dressings or transdermal delivery systems the necessary active ingredients are applied with high precision to the carrier. Transdermal systems can include nicotine patches, heat generating applications and controlled-dose contraceptive.


Other products

Health care produces a plethora of products that benefit from accurate and sterile coating methods. For example the diagnosis markers produced by coating indicating pathogens or other evidence of disease in the blood or urine. A new development is galantine strips containing appropriate drugs that are dissolved in the mouth or adhered to the palate where they release their active substance efficiently and quickly. Even the lead foil, which is required for protection against X-rays must be coated. Likewise, individual filaments, yarns or threads are coated for medical use. Whether floss or surgical cord - these products get drench coated with the necessary properties


Scale-up Process

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Medicine coating plant in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) design


Process of Engineering

Many process methods can be considered for individual products and product groups. The following basic points can be mentioned as typical for the production of all these products:

  • Application of thin films at high speed
  • Special surface treatment
  • Purity of the coating processes (partly GMP standard)
  • Exact recording functions (Quality Management)
  • Flexible layout with various coating technologies
  • assurance systems
  • Conformity in accordance with all applicable laws (e.g. environmental guidelines such as Atex, VOC, etc.)


Areas of application

  • Transdermal systems
  • Sublingual delivery
  • Plaster fabrics
  • Surgical Materials