Technical glass


Coating and laminating processes are used to refined or functionalize glass in different ways. Coatema provides innovative coating processes such as sol-gel coating by means of a slot die method or reverse gravure print system on float glass on an industrial scale.

The wet-chemical coating method has advantages over the classical vacuum method for thin functional layers on glass.


In addition to float glass, thin display or solar glass can be refined with Coatema plants. These refinements include anti-reflection layers for the solar panels. Lamination of functional films on glass is also a specialty of Coatema as is float glass laminated with fire retardant films.

A significant development is the use of flexible glass in roll to roll systems which must be specially designed for this purpose. Coatema has developed the basics of web guidance and tension control glass for flexible glass.


For the first tests of inks or recipes, the Coatema's offer systems test Solution

Coatema TestSolution SlotDie



The Coatema's Easycoater

Coatema Easycoater frei



and developed for the display area Thinfilmcoater, with up to three layers can be applied to.

Coatema ThinFilmCoater2 frei



Example glass edge seal

Coatema Glass treatment 06 Coatema Glass treatment 14

Areas of application

  • Shatterproof glass
  • Solar glas
  • Display glas