Renewable Energy

Solar, Fuel Cell and Batteries

The market for renewable energy has potential for cutting edge developments. Coatema's primary renewable energy markets include battery, fuel cell and solar.

Coatema has been the leader in the development of Lab-to-Fab processes for these markets for over 15 years.


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Coating solutions for battery

Sophisticated battery technologies such as lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, and nickel metal hydride require particularly efficient coating and casting processes for the anode, cathode and the separator.

Battery manufacturers and developers can choose between single or double-sided coating in the horizontal or vertical position. Coatema's coating machines work with nickel foam, thin copper or aluminum substrate films, expanded metals and various types of separators.

A variety of different coating and printing methods can be used: knife coating, commabar or reverse commabar, slot die, engraved roller or screen printing for thin film battery. Intermittent or patch coatings capabilities are possible with some applications.

Scale-up Process

Coatema offers coating and printing expertise in a broad range from laboratory machines and production lines for various components of advanced batteries. The Easycoater or TestSolution can be used for developing sheet samples for the coated anode and cathode as well as for casting processes.

The Basecoater is designed for smaller production volumes or to create volume samples of various battery components. These results can enable the next step to full production volumes with a working width up to 1200 mm and flotation dryers in nitrogen atmosphere. From the smallest scale to production quantities Coatema is your partner for battery coatings of any kind.

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Presentation about Coatema Battery Equipment

Fuel cell

Coating solutions for fuel cells


Our 10 years of experience in the fuel cell markets and close cooperation with research institutes worldwide make Coatema your best partner from development to full production.

In our facilities you can impregnate gas diffusion layers, apply the micro and platinum catalysts on the gas diffusion layers. The GDL's can be paper, nonwoven or woven fabrics. Systems for the casting of membranes and the direct coating of membranes with platinum catalyst are also offered.

Usable application systems include: knife system, engraved roller, slot die and micro roller. These are available as easily interchangeable modules creating a high degree of flexibility.


Scale-up Prozess

Coatema offers plants for basic research with our lab coaters and from pilot plant to production scale manufacturing for MEAs or other fuel cell components. These solutions are offered for the following fuel cell technologies: AFC, PEMFC, HTPEMFC, DMFC, MCFC, SOFC, etc.

Fuel cell technologies working widths from A4 to material widths of 1200 mm in roll-to-roll processing are possible.


Presentation about Coatema Fuel Cell Equipment

Solar cells

Coating solutions for solar cells,

For more than 15 years organic and inorganic solar cells have been researched as alternatives to silicon. The roll to roll manufacturing of CIGS, dye solar cells (DSSC) and polymer solar cells constituted a research focus of Coatema.

Coatema is also involved in the development of new cell types, such as perovskites cells. In addition to FP7 EU projects on the subject of polymer solar cells, Coatema is involved in major pilot plants for the above technology and is the market leader in some areas.

Since the first application of flexible organic solar cells in 2002 Coatema has provided coating, printing and encapsulation solutions in this relatively new market.

Coatema systems can also be equipped with laser structuring or the technology of nanoimprinting. Several encapsulation systems for flexible solar cells and nitrogen atmosphere complete the product range.

Smartcoaters can be equipped with inert atmosphere, laser patterning and modules to laminate barrier films. One such system was delivered to Fraunhofer ILT for the Flexlas project in 2008.

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Even larger pilot plants, such as the VTT Printocent development center, are already producing flexible organic solar cells on a larger scale.

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Scale-up Process

All market participants can take advantage of the Coatema scale up concept from product development to the full production.

The Coatema R&D Center, in Dormagen, Germany has a complete range our capabilities from small table-top lab systems, such as the TestSolution, to pilot lines like the Basecoater 3G and even full production lines. Our customers can also access the extensive resources of numerous research and development partners worldwide.


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