16. Januar 2018

Coatema at the LOPEC 2018

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Duesseldorf, GERMANY. At LOPEC 2018 Coatema presents a live demonstration of the integration of inkjet printing into its pioneering “Inkjet Line” for printed electronics and its super-precise “New Easycoater” for sheet-to-sheet printing and coating.

As an example of Inkjet integration, Coatema presents the Inkjet Line for up to 300 mm web width in Coatema’s recent design facelift and combines ink jet printing, coating by slot die and various other coating units. The Inkjet SC R2R is applicable for explosion protection and cleanroom or medical operation requirements. Optional setups include NIR curing, additional printing, coating, drying, and laminating units for most versatile applications in optical, PV, printed electronics, medical, microfluidic, sensor and home appliances.

The redesigned New Easycoater S2S allows tremendous precision and reproducibility in the low micrometer range making it indispensable for lab scale high precision operations. The 3-in-1 coating unit combines operation of doctor blade, single or multiple slot dies and screen printing. Super-flat coating table as well as the coating head station are both automatically movable. Multilayer coating and printing is supported by optional installation of a high precision registration camera system.

Both models are presented by Coatema’s technical experts at the Coatema booth no. 406, Hall B0.

The Inkjet Line in full working operation for functional inkjet printing is part of the LOPEC demoline.

The Test Solution combines stunningly precise coating technology in a handy format and easy-to-use design. Main technical features comprise full operation of the device with pressurized air, a vacuum granite table substrate holder with 5 µm surface precision mounted on a stainless steel or granite frame and exchangeable coating units such as doctor blade and slot die.

The device is available now from Coatema and can be tested at Coatema’s proprietary Technology Centre in Dormagen, Germany.

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